Funeral Scheme Cover

How to join the scheme?

By virtue of being a member of Sibonelo Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisation (SACCO) you qualify to be a member.

Who Is Covered?

The member’s family is covered and by family, this scheme means 8 members being:

  1. Member’s spouse
  2. A maximum of six (6) children who are not above 24 years old and are fully dependent on parent(s).

Children who are above 24 years of age but still dependent on their parent(s), i.e. either or mentally disabled or still studying, are still covered.

Parent(s)/ In-laws and any other adult dependent may benefit but at an additional annual premium per individual.

Funeral Insurance with Sibonelo SACCO

How Much Is needed for the cover?

Currently, a premium of E72.00/month or E864.00/annum per member is required in order to cover the member and his/her family for up to E27,000.00 cover.

The scheme currently allows a member to join for extended family (incl. additional spouse and children – max 4 people)

(Monthly Rate Per Person)
(Monthly Rate Per Person)

How to pay?

Member and his/her family premium is payable in monthly installments of E72.00 through employer stop order or other payment facilities.  Premiums in respect of dependants and parents are payable in cash at the beginning of the year!!!

When Does a member benefit?

For a new member who is joining for the first time, he/she can only benefit 180 days (6 months) after joining.

What are the benefits?

Funeral Claim

In the event of death, benefits are paid as follows:

For a MemberE27,000.00
For SpouseE27,000.00
For Children
14 to 24 years oldE16,000.00
6 - 13 years oldE9,500.00
1 to 5 years oldE5,750
Still Born (26 weeks)E2,175.00
For Dependants (above 24 years)E20,000.00
For Parents/In LawsE20,000.00
Permanent DisabilityCovered for life

Double Accident Benefit

In the event of a principal member’s death due to an accident, death benefit is E54, 000.00.

Family Support Benefit

 In the event of a principal member’s death, the family will get an additional E10,000.00 support benefit.

documents needed for joining and claiming

The following certified copies are needed:

  1. Member’s birth certificate
  2. Spouse(s)’s birth certificates
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. Children’s birth certificates
  5. Personal Identity Cards (PIN)–Member and Nominee
  6. Police report in case of an accident

NB: Members are advised to submit these documents at the time of joining or as soon as these documents are available in order to avoid delays and inconveniences when a claim is made.  These documents must be kept by Sibonelo office for record purposes.

To make a claim, the member or his relatives must bring a certified copy of death certificate(s).

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