Sibonelo Savings & Credit Co-operative Society
Plot 6 & 7 Erf No.368
Mahleka Street,
PO Box 4307, Manzini,
Kingdom of Swaziland,

Tel: (+268) 2505 7249
(+268) 2505 4864
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SavingsMembers are given an opportunity to save funds for their future needs on monthly basis. Over time savings grow and enable a member to embark on bigger projects without having to incur costs that come with other sources of finance. Members are encouraged to save as such becomes a source of funding. So the society offers a variety of savings products. Such products do not only help for future needs, but they attract competitive interest rates. One of these products is compulsory for our members, whilst the others are optional and depend on individual member's future plans. A number of products are shown below.

1. Ordinary Savings

As a way of promoting thrift, members are compelled to save a minimum of E100.00 every month. This also serves as a borrowing power for each individual member. A competitive interest rate of interest is paid annually.

2. School Savings

To meet school requirements other than through the normal members' entitlement, members are encouraged to save a minimum of E100.00 monthly. These savings earn 10% per annum.

3. Holiday Savings

In order to enable members to spend a luxurious Christmas, Party time and Holiday time with ease, this scheme was introduced. The minimum savings per month is E100.00 and are withdrawable quarterly or annually. Interest rate of 10% is paid per annum.

4. Fixed Deposit

Members with excess funds are encouraged to invest under this fund, which will earn an interest of 10% per annum. The minimum deposit is E500.00.

5. Dlanubeke Savings Investment Plan

Members are encouraged to save a minimum of E63.30 towards this investment so as to create a pool of funds for future investments as individuals or groups. These savings also attract an interest payable at the end of the year.