Sibonelo Savings & Credit Co-operative Society
Plot 6 & 7 Erf No.368
Mahleka Street,
PO Box 4307, Manzini,
Kingdom of Swaziland,

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There are projects and other needs that arise, which need immediate financing. All members have an equal opportunity to borrow from the different loan types of the society. These needs may be construction of a family house, buying furniture or a car, etc. So what does a member do in such circumstances? That is where the issue of our loans products come in. We offer different types of loans, which are as follows:


1. Long Term Loans

Members are given loans to a maximum of two times their savings but only after a member has served a probationary period of 6 months. The interest rate is decided from time to time. However the maximum loan per member is E200,000.00.
NB: The 5c's i.e. (Character, Capacity, Collateral, Capital requirements, Circumstances) lending principle is used.

2. Emergency Loans

In the event of death and sudden hospitalization of a member or his next of kin (except where Burial Scheme should apply), a member may apply for an emergency loan. This loan is obtainable even if a member has an on-going loan with the society but the total amount of loan should not exceed three times the members' savings.

3. Short Term Loan

This product has been designed to cater for small and pressing needs of members. The maximum amount that may be borrowed is E1000.00 at flat interest rate of 5%. The repayment period is 60 days.

4. Medium Term Loan

This loan was designed for all members of Sibonelo who want to boost their money - making businesses. This loan is between E1000.00 and E10,000.00.It is repayable within 6- 12 months at an interest rate of 1.6% per month.

5. Farm /Hardware Facility

This product was developed to help members acquire farm inputs and building material. This loan is between E1000.00 and E10,000.00 and repayable within 6- 12 months at an interest rate of 1.7% per month.

Amount Period

E1000.00 - E2000.00 6 months
E2100.00 - E10,000.00 12 months

6. Loan Protection

All outstanding loans for members are fully covered under our Risk Management Program. This arrangement means that in the event of death, the member dies with the debt.